Winemarket growth aided by cloud technology

Winemarket has gone through a process of bringing together it’s IT systems including it’s CRM, e-commerce and ERP systems. This consolidation has helped Winemarket achieve a 50% increase in sales.

Winemarket had a huge amount of success with their business model and in 2011 attracted the attention of Woolworths who proceeded to purchase the company. A Winemarket voucher is available here.

Woolworths has expanded it’s acquisitions in the wine arena in recent years with the acquisition of The Cellarmasters Group as well as Winemarket. This adds to existing profile which includes it’s most successful retail model, Dan Murphy’s.

The company is looking to achieve growth for shareholders in areas where the company believes it can achieve excellent growth. Cellarmasters is a business which has innovative brands and will be improved by Woolworth’s excellence at distribution.

The wine industry is a hugely congested and competitive market and the stakes are high. Woolworths and Coles are currently going through a process of acquiring any company that will give them a competitive edge in the wine market.

Vodafone on the road to recovery

After years of bleeding money and  mobile subscribers, Vodafone Australia may finally be turning the corner.

In 2014, the company lost a massive $603.6 million dollars and 46,000 mobile customers. The companies revenue has fallen 1.6 percent on an turnover of $3.48 billion. As big as this sounds, it’s actually a huge improvement on the previous few years and may mean that Vodafone is finally on the road to recovery. Vodafone loss a massive 1.23 million subscribers in 2013 mostly due to network failures which caused disgruntled customers to jump ship.

The huge losses were attributed to 2013 and a huge improvement is expected this year. The company has reported that it now has 5.302 million subscribers. There are now some encouraging signs that may indicate that Vodafone will finally report an increase in the number of subscribers.

The nation’s biggest carrier, Telstra, reported another rise in the number of subscribers reaching a massive 16.4 million users. Second placed Optus reported a slight decline in the number of users.

Vodafone is now offering some great deals on their plans with a Vodafone coupon giving you even more value on your mobile purchase.